Whether you are simply exploring your options or you are in immediate need of a new industrial job, Elite Personnel will work with you to help you find a job in the manufacturing or warehouse/distribution industry that fits your lifestyle and career objectives.  Access to our extensive network of industry connections and specialized consultants makes it easier for you to find the kind of position you are looking for within your specialized field of work. At Elite Personnel, we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and expectations.  Our thorough screening process and transparent approach, ensures our ability to match you with the positions that are best suited to your specific skills and needs and ultimately allows us to help you find the job that is right for you.

Our Industrial Support division specializes in industrial jobs in the following areas:

    •    Packaging
    •    Assembly Line
    •    Material Handler
    •    Order Pickers
    •    Shipping / Receiving
    •    Quality Control Inspectors
    •    Forklift Operators (all types)
    •    Machine Operators

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At Elite Personnel we recognize the importance of recruiting and retaining the right office staff for all businesses - big and small.  We have earned an impeccable reputation over the last 5 years as leaders in finding best-fit matches between clients and office staff.  Before recommending candidates, our team make sure they have an in-depth understanding of your background  to ensure the perfect fit for everyone's needs.  Our Office Staffing division specializes in filling the following positions:

    •    Bookkeeping

    •    Finance Professionals

    •    Accounts Payable/Receivable

    •    Payroll Administrators

    •    Administrative Assistant

    •    Customer Service Representative
    •    Data Entry
    •    Filing and order entry
    •    Human Resources
    •    Receptionist
    •    Management positions

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    •    Report ready for work on a timely basis.
    •    At the start of your shift give your supervisor your full name and the agency name.
    •    Make sure you sign in and out at the beginning and end of your shifts.
    •    NEVER walk out on a job; this will result in your termination from our agency. You must always finish your shift.
    •    Observe and comply with all health and safety rules at the workplace.
    •    Should an accident or illness prevent you from reporting to work, notify us immediately and if it’s after hours please leave a message.

         We will then contact your supervisor.
    •    Two – way communication is very important; it helps us address and solve your concerns.


You have the right to...

The right to know. You have the right to know the hazards in your job. Your employer or supervisor must tell you about anything in your job that can hurt you. Your employer must make sure you are provided with the information you need so that you can work safely.

The right to participate. You have the right to take part in keeping your workplace healthy and safe. Depending on the size of the company, you can be part of the Health and Safety Committee or be a Health and Safety Representative. You also have the right to participate in training and information sessions to help you do your job safely.

The right to refuse unsafe work. If you believe your job is likely to endanger you, you have an obligation to report the unsafe situation to management. If the situation is not corrected and you feel your health and safety is still in danger, you have the right under the OHSA to refuse to perform the work without reprisal.